May 10, 2009

Happy Birthday My Sweetheart Joury

May 8th ,2009 was my adorable niece Joury 2nd birthday ,
I was thinking to make her a special birthday cake .
Like every child in her age Barny was her favorite character.
So I decide to go ahead and make her the Barny cake,
it was chalange but I did it, it took me two days between baking
and assembling the cake, I baked a chocolate cake ,the filling was chocolate goanch and the frosting chocolate fudge Icing .
The most important thing she liked it a lot ,and here is the photos .

Barny Cake

My Sweet niece


Chahira Daoud said...

ما شاء الله حلوة حلوة حلوة و جورى عسوووله الله يخليهالكم
تسلم ايدك يا سميه شغلك كله جميل و مرتب

juri said...

الله يخليكي يا شهيره ,ده بعض مع عندكم
شرفتني في بلق ياجميل
وان شاء الله ما انحرمش من طلتك

souska said...

very beautiful cake,I love it.

juri said...

Thanks souska

ست الكل said...

ماشاء لاله يا جوري
تورتة عيد ميلاد روعه
زعمه يجي يوم ونتعلم ندير كيكة زي هدي
عندي نيه نتعلم الحاجات هدي
نبي نكون صديقتك باش نتعمل منك لو مافيش مانع